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Decorate Your Home with New Doors

New doors make a tremendous difference in updating the look and feel of your home. Design trends come and go, but what really makes a home look dated? Old shag carpet, ugly wallpaper, poor lighting, fixtures that don't work. As we update our homes to reflect our own preferences, we replace things here and there to upgrade our style. One of the most overlooked items in your home is your doors.

Doors are part of the backdrop of your home. They usher people into and out of each room in your house. They insulate bedrooms from hallway and living room noise, and they offer us convenient places to hang coat hooks for aprons, and hats. By replacing the doors in your house, you can easily modernize and customize your entire home.

HomeStory Philadelphia is the region's leading door expert. We offer a wide selection of door styles and designs and our system for door replacement is unlike any other contractor in the business.

A New Way to Replace Doors

We start by measuring your existing doorframes with a proprietary digital measuring device. These measurements allow us to precisely cut a new door to fit your doorframe so door replacement is as easy as taking one door off the hinges and screwing in a new door. Our unique process allows us to custom fit new doors with no onsite construction in your home -- no saws, sanding, painting and hours of labor. Your new doors are custom cut and factor painted for a professional grade finish.

We Specialize in Doors

HomeStory is Philly's door expert! Don't bother hiring an unreliable handyman or an inexperienced contractor to replace your doors. Hire someone who specializes in doors and has the experience and knowledge to make the process simple and stress free. We focus solely on interior door replacement and our installation team is fast and efficient.

See what our customers are saying:

"Easy, simple, professional, great communications. Doors look great and are quality. I didn't know how badly I needed to upgrade my interior doors until I got this done! My first "contractor" experience since I started my renovations that I didn't have to get so involved and the outcome met my expectations."


"We love our new doors! They have made a huge improvement to the look of our older home. The installation was seamless as well. I would definitely recommend HomeStory to others considering this home improvement project."


"Love the quality & look of the doors. Great value for the price, especially liked the fact they are made/sized to fit the existing door frames/jambs. Great installation team, knowledgeable, polite & always on time."

Before and After

New Floors Need New Doors

Are you replacing your floors? Then it's time to replace your doors! When replacing your carpet or installing wood or wood laminate floors, you may discover that you have inadvertently changed the reveal at the bottom of your doors. A door's reveal is the gap between the bottom of the door and the floor. A narrow reveal can cause doors to catch on carpet and not open or close easily. A wide reveal can look awkward and increase sound transmission between rooms, making your house feel smaller and noisier. Now there's an easy solution to this dilemma. HomeStory's unique door replacement process enables you to replace all the doors in your house in just a few hours and you don't have to rearrange the furniture during installation!

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Selecting new doors doesn't have to be complicated. We simplify the door replacement process. Explore all the styles from our Door Experts.

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