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A Complete Door System

complete door system overview

Engineered to work together.

When it comes to choosing a durable, long-lasting entrance, why settle for a door system assembled with parts from multiple sources?

Our complete door system specifies all of the components to work together at the most critical points where an ordinary door system's performance can fail, letting in air and moisture.

Door System Components

01 sill bottom sweep


Sill and bottom sweep form a tight seal against wind-driven moisture infiltration at the bottom of the door system and help channel moisture away from the home. Sill pan (recommended) adds an extra layer of protection to help keep moisture away from the subfloor.

02 corner seal pads


Corner seal pads (inswing only) complete the seal between the sill cap, bottom sweep and weatherstrip to help block potential pathways where wind- driven moisture can infiltrate the bottom corner of the door system.

03 hinges


Hinges position the door to properly compress the weatherstrip to help form a tight, even seal against air and moisture infiltration when the door closes.

04 weatherstrip


Weatherstrip is specifically engineered in a variety of profiles to provide the best possible fit with our door systems, helping to deliver a precise seal between the door and frame.

05 multipoint locking


Multi-point locking system (recommended) engages the door and frame at three points from top to bottom, helping to preserve the weatherstrip's seal even under wind pressure.

06 lip-lite frame


Lip-lite frame features a compression seal against weather on the outside of the door and an adhesive seal against weather on the outside of the glass. Flush-glazed glass is built directly into the door without a Lip-lite frame, featuring a high-performance adhesive weather seal inside and out.

Astragals cover the margin between double doors to help complete the seal against air and moisture infiltration, with aluminum construction for stability, holding power and durability.

frame components

Frame Components Options to complete the door system, including rot- resistant brickmould, jambs, mullions and coil clading manufactured to our specifications.

Door Construction Comparison

Our fiberglass doors offer the authentic look of wood. It's virtually impossible to tell the difference. But the beauty goes beyond skin deep. We combine craftsmanship and innovation to build our doors for long-lasting energy efficiency, durability and security.

1 classic-craft construction

Classic-Craft® Premium Entryways

1 Enhanced Weather Resistance

No more worries about rotting, warping or twisting. Classic-Craft premium entryways are tested and designed to resist extreme weather conditions and the damaging effects of moisture. Both the top and bottom of the door are protected by composite rails for a longer-lasting entryway.

2 Solid Security

Classic-Craft premium entryways feel solid and close with authority. A 4-1/8" wide beam of engineered lumber runs from the top to the bottom of the locking side of the door to add mass and rigidity, giving the door weight and a natural wood feel.

3 Excellent Durability

Built to stand up to the elements and years of wear, Classic-Craft’s fiberglass skins are thicker than other standard fiberglass doors to provide added durability and better long-term performance.

4 Higher R-Values

Classic-Craft premium entryways contribute to an energy-efficient home. Apolyurethane foam core provides up to four times the insulating R-Value of wood.*

5 Edge-to-Edge Moisture Protection

Resist moisture at every turn –?and along every edge. Classic-Craft premium entryways have hardwood and composite edges that help prevent moisture penetration.

Fiber-Classic® & Smooth-Star® Doors

1 Weather Resistance

Composite rails protect the door at the top and bottom edges to help block moisture that can wick into doors.

2 Security

An enhanced lock block combined with 1-¼" engineered lumber lock stiles increase rigidity and stability.

3 Durability

With very little maintenance, a fiberglass door can bring a home years of durability. Unlike wood, fiberglass will not warp or rot. And, unlike steel, it will not dent or rust.

4 R-Values

Built with a polyurethane foam core that offers up to four times the insulating R-Value of wood, Therma-Tru fiberglass doors insulate against cold and heat for exceptional energy efficiency.

2 classic-craft construction