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HomeStory Dealer FAQ

What makes Homestory different from the typical door replacement company – Why Innovation drives this business?

Homestory uses a unique and proven technology to measure door frames to cut new door slabs ready to install once taken off the CNC; differentiating itself from all others in the door replacement industry.

The measuring technology is easy to learn and uses a simple "point and shoot" laser, along with proprietary software that calculates an accurate door cut plan to produce fitted doors. Factory cut and painted doors, ensures no wasted time or material for the Dealer. Dealers receive fully prepped replacement, pre-finished doors with hardware that are "ready-to-install" into existing openings.

This total Homestory system was built to produce new profit and growth to current Home Improvement companies. Make more money in less time and produce more projects to install!

Contact us today to set an appointment to start a Dealership today!

What is the cost of a Homestory Dealership?

A Homestory dealership entry cost is $50,000.00, this includes all the Hardware needed (laser measure device, dedicated PC, a single demonstration kit), use of software for selling, measuring, and ordering all door and hardware products. We will additionally add you to our Homestory businesses pages, Facebook, Yelp, exc., while implementing our CRM and automation software to help drive leads into calls or emails for appointments. We will create a new domain for your landing page.

Lastly, for an optional month fee, Highmark can manage your Social Media updates, video content and add new on-line platforms. All added platforms will mirror the same ones add to our Corporately owned locations. Or you can manage your Marketing, it’s your choice.

We describe this opportunity as a "Guided Dealership", giving you the tools immediately to start quickly with expert results.

What products are offered through a Homestory Dealership (interior doors and hardware)?

Highmark Digital offers all the interior doors and more found in the big box stores, manufactures like JELD-WEN, Masonite, TruStile, as well as Authentic Wood and Single Wood species doors. We offer the highest quality hardware through one of the top US distributors.

What training needed to open a Homestory Doors?

We will fully train personnel on all door components sold, as well as all software needed to sell our doors. Also, we will train the Measure Tech responsible for Measures with hands on training at our facility. Training lasts 4-days, and you will be ready to sell, measure and install our doors by the last day of training.

Areas open for new Dealerships?

We have many opportunities for Dealerships in the US and Canada, please contact us for individual market discussions.

How much does a Dealership make?

Dealerships income will vary by population and operator’s willingness to market and sell. We have detailed proformas to share based on the selling history of our Corporately owned locations.

Can I acquire more than one Dealership?

Yes, we are selling multi-location dealerships.

Is there Marketing requirements or Marketing Assistance provided?

As part of the Dealership purchase, we set you Dealership up with various Homestory Business pages that work to direct leads to our CRM and automation. At that point the hundreds of leads that accumulate in the CRM are responded to systematically and quickly to encourage customers to call or email for initial design/sales Consultations. We will place you into our Corporate accounts and you can manage leads or turn lead management to Homestory for a monthly fee.

Is financing available?

We can provide financing through a 3rd party to help you start your Homestory Dealership.

What are the on-going fees after the initial on-boarding costs?

There are no percentage sales fees or revenue fees. We do maintain either an optional fee for marketing management or after the first year the CRM have maintenance fees that run $300/monthly.

Can I purchase a Dealership with a partner?

Yes, partnerships may buy a Homestory Doors Dealership.

Can I order Home story apparel for my business?

We have an apparel ordering option, for shirts, sweatshirts, hats, beanies, etc.