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Replacing your doors is a great way to refresh the look and feel of your entire home. Customers tell us the moment they replaced their interior doors was the moment they fell in love with their home all over again. In addition to improving your home's decor, replacing your doors offers many benefits to homeowners.

Solid-core doors help insulate rooms from noise. They also provide a sturdy surface to mount a hook to hang a bathrobe or coat on the back. Flat panel doors are the fastest way to date a home, so modernize your home and increase its resale value with new interior doors.

HomeStory Denver offers beautifully crafted, custom-fit doors in many styles and colors. Choose from a wide selection of Masonite molded doors, authentic wood doors, and beautiful glass doors. Replace your hall doors, your pantry doors, and your closet doors.

Swap out those flat panel closet doors for mirrored sliding closet doors or functional bi-fold folding doors. Add a unique pantry door to your kitchen or French doors to your study. HomeStory Denver also offers beautiful knobs, levers, and hinges to perfectly customize your new interior doors. The possibilities are endless.

HomeStory is Denver's premier custom door replacement company and offers the simplicity and convenience of replacing your doors without all the hassle of a construction project. HomeStory Denver will digitally measure your existing door frames and upload those measurements to our manufacturing facility where your doors are custom milled and factory painted just for you. Doors are installed in your existing doorways within minutes. Your entire home can be transformed in just a few hours without dust, sawhorses in your driveway, or potentially damaging the integrity of your walls.

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See what our customers are saying:

"Easy, simple, professional, great communications. Doors look great and are quality. I didn't know how badly I needed to upgrade my interior doors until I got this done! My first "contractor" experience since I started my renovations that I didn't have to get so involved and the outcome met my expectations."


"We love our new doors! They have made a huge improvement to the look of our older home. The installation was seamless as well. I would definitely recommend HomeStory to others considering this home improvement project."


"Love the quality & look of the doors. Great value for the price, especially liked the fact they are made/sized to fit the existing door frames/jambs. Great installation team, knowledgeable, polite & always on time."

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Update Your Home Without the Hassle

Replacing the entry doors and interior doors throughout your home can completely transform the entire design of your house. HomeStory enables you to easily make this dramatic change in as little as just a few hours, without any of the stress, hassle or extraordinary expense associated with home renovations.

These are not just any door replacement or door installation services that we are talking about. Our team can replace all of the doors in your home, and even provide you with custom doors and door hardware that will fit your home perfectly. You will have professionals supporting you who have the technology and resources to get the job done efficiently and correctly.

How Is this Possible?

Much of our success and productivity is a result of our proprietary digital door measuring and production technologies. Simply put, we have developed our own system for measuring and creating custom doors. Our advanced technologies allow us to receive precise measurements, and quickly get to work on your wood doors, glass doors, French doors, closet doors and much more.

Thanks to our advanced techniques, you get all of the excellent results without any of the headaches. All of our construction and painting is conducted outside of your home. You do not have to worry about your walls or carpeting being damaged while we work. We come in, with your doors and door hardware already prepared, and we quickly complete your door installation.

Our Products

We have the Perfect Solution for Every Doorway in the Salt Lake City area

Hollow Core Doors — Solid Core Doors — Mirrored Closet Doors
Authentic Wood Doors

  • Interior Doors
  • Closet Doors
  • Masonite Molded Doors
  • T.M. Cobb Tru Stile MDF Doors
  • Single Swing Closet Doors
  • Sliding Closet Doors
  • Sliding Mirrored Closet Doors
  • Pantry Doors
  • Hollow Core Doors
  • Solid Core Doors
  • Glass Doors
  • Authentic Woods Doors
  • Barn Doors

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